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December 10, 2010

Pantry Makeover!

It's been three years since we remodeled the kitchen and there are still a few things we didn't finish, like baseboard trim in the pantry. Mr.A put up the shelving for me, put the door on and then I said, "Ok, that looks good for now, I have a new project for you."
A few weeks ago I came across this blog post here and had immediate pantry envy! So at 9:30 one weeknight evening I decided it's time to pretty up my pantry. Mr.A doesn't really like when this happens, especially so late in the evening but I talked him into it, saying it would be fun and adventurous. And guess what, he agreed! So here are the before pictures of the pantry, not bad but definitely not cute.

So it was white, white and more white without baseboard trim and pretty much a catchall for appliances, food and plastic bags. First order of business was to paint that bad boy, so I had my loving husband unscrew all the brackets and remove all the shelves. Acutally, he volunteered to do this because he knows my tendancy to hurry up and paint, why take it down when you can paint around it? 
Seeing as it was 9:30 at night and there weren't a lot of places open to go get some paint mixed, I just walked down into my little paint store in the basement and picked a color.  I decided to use the rest of the dining room paint to make it kind of a fun pop of color.
I also decided that  I needed some cute canister type storage stuff that was see through and I could put cute vinyl labels on.  After looking at a few stores, I decided to wait until we were in Minneapolis and I could go to IKEA.  Well the snow and some hives pitted against our trip but that's ok, I found some cute canisters at the grocery store for super cheap!
Here is the after so far, I want to add a few more things, like new cereal containers which was Mr.A's idea and a couple baskets of some variety but they will have to wait a bit.  Oh yes, and I want some vinyl lettering for my canisters. Just so I don't end up confusing the flour with corn starch or something crazy like that!

Hope you enjoyed the pantry remodel, I know I am loving loving loving it! In fact, I don't want to use anything out of the containers because they look so nice and full and pretty. And yes, the big bag full of plastic bags is still on the pantry floor. They need to be moved to some other location or they need some sort of cute home/type thing. If you have a great idea for plastic bags other than to put dog poop in, I'd love to hear it!

I have since added labels to my containers.  On a recent trip to Wally world I found clear shipping labels and seeing as I don't yet own a Silhouette, (hint, hint) I thought this was a cheap $7 solution for labeling my containers.  It was super easy and if I ever need to change them out, the package came with 10 sheets and 100 labels, just make sure to buy Shipping labels and not Address labels. 

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  1. There is a store in town on the south end that reuses plastic bags for their customers, so they are always looking for more, if you email me I can tell you the name of the store.

  2. I was wondring what grocery store you got your canisters at (clear with the white tops). I am redoing our pantry and am looking for some cute storage options. Thanks Shannon

  3. Shannon,
    I got my canisters at Festival Foods. They are made by Arrow. They still carry them but unless you live in Wisconsin you won't find a Festival Foods. Here is the link on the arrow plastics website: http://www.arrowplastic.com/store/catalog.asp?item=211
    I bought the other canisters that have spaghetti noodles and stuff in them at shopko. Let me know if you need any more help! :)

  4. That looks incredible!!! So much more space. :)
    I am working on my pantry this weekend and I love it already.
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Ange-
    Great job on your pantry makeover! It looks fabulous! Love the color & love all of your containers! Very organized & very pretty! Thanks for the follow!

  6. LOVE. I'm dying to do something like this to my pantry. Our is a smaller one with shelves half way down to the floor. I have no clue why our builder didn't put them all the way to the floor. Things get SO crammed up in the pantry, and I have no clue what we have because I just can't see, and I'd rather not dig for food. Was it expensive to buy all of those containers??? I love the paint and the white shelves. Looks awesome!

  7. Looks great! That was a big project. I have seen totes crocheted from plastic bags. A good way to make a reusable grocery bag and use those up.

  8. saw you on Domestically Speaking- what a fabulous pantry makeover!!! you did a wonderful job!!

  9. Gorgeous! I love that you used simple shipping labels for your canisters. Easy, inexpensive, and anyone can do it! Thank you for sharing!


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