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About Me

  I am daughter, friend, follower of Christ, wife and mother.  I love to paint furniture and walls,  actually pretty much anything that can be painted, I like to paint it.  I like to try and decorate my house but that's a long process and sometimes I feel like I'm not getting anywhere.  I like to start projects and then never really finish them because I'm off working on another new project.  I love people, meeting new people, hanging with people, talking with people, pretty much I'm a people person!    I have recently discovered that I really like gardening flowers and landscaping, now if I can figure out how to not kill off my flowers mid-way through summer I'll be doing good!  I love buffalo wings and have just discovered their yummy goodness this summer and now I'm hooked!    I am a mom to four children, 3 girls and 1 boy.  I love that I get to stay home and take care of my family!

  I have been married to Mr. A for 12 years now, where does the time go, seriously?  We met our senior year in high school so does that mean we are high school sweethearts?  Not sure what the qualifications for that title are, might need to check into that.  We are a perfect match for each other, he's quiet, I'm outspoken, he is steady and I'm all over the place, he is an introvert, I'm an extrovert.  Really we do work well together, we've managed to build a house and loved the experience and process of it, been through one basement remodel, a kitchen remodel and we have four children!  Through all of this, we still really like each other, a lot!  I think it's easy to love someone but it's hard to like them!!   I love my life and can't imagine anyone better to share it with than Mr. A!

When I'm not busy blogging or reading other people's blogs, I am usually painting a room in my house again, jogging or hanging out with some friends.  I love to hear from my followers, so please drop me a note if you want to know anything, have a question or just want to say Hi!