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Our Home

Mr. A and I bought our very first house in the spring of 2001, a 1960's 3 bedroom ranch which served us well.   Mr. A finished the basement there and it was our first home project and he did an awesome job, I still love that basement!  We sold the ranch in 2005 to our brother and sister in law.  We then built a big beautiful two story home.

After living in our new home for a while, I knew that it was too much for us, too much mortgage, too much space and I really just felt that God was not happy with our financial ways.  People thought we were crazy to sell our brand new house, isn't that the American Dream right there?  To be mortgaged to the max and pretend that your life is grand when really you don't need that much house?   It was hard but we decided to sell our lovely new home and instead buy this colonial that needed some love.

  When we originally looked at the colonial, she needed a new roof and the price was ok but not what we were looking to pay.  When we finally did sell our home, the colonial had a new roof and the price had dropped $20,000!
A lot of people thought we were crazy to buy an old home that quite frankly was not the cutest but we didn't care.  We live in an AWESOME neighborhood where the neighbors have become great friends, the kid's are within walking distance to their school and the street is not busy with traffic at all.   We have been able to redo the kitchen, we are working on the siding and the great thing is, financially we are much better off!  

Kitchen Remodel

Mudroom Makeover

Closet turned Office or as we like to call it, the"Cloffice" 

Pantry Makeover

 More rooms coming soon!  

Here are a few rooms in our house that we've remodeled in the past three years.