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March 2, 2011

This is what I"m working on

I decided to paint the dining room chairs and table legs/apron heirloom white. I didn't want to sand them because well I don't want to do anymore work than I need to. So I purchased some oil based primer and I've primed all 6 chairs, the table and unfortunately, my fingers, arms and hair as well. I will be scheduling my hair color appointment ASAP! I think I could qualify for world's messiest painter. And it looks much worse in person, the camera didn't quite capture the total effect.

Moving on. Here's a chair in all it's primed glory!! I already love it and they aren't even close to being done yet! I'm still on the lookout for fabric for the seat covers, so hopefully I find something soon!

Anyone else painting anything right now?



  1. I really like the design of your chairs! Looking forward to seeing what fabric you choose to cover them. I used oil paint on cabinets and trim and I kept getting my fingers stuck together!

  2. Doors. Trim. Anything in my house that is "golden oak". Then there's the walls, furniture, etc. I can only paint so fast but I plan to paint it ALL!!! Muh ha ha ha!!! :) Chris

  3. OH yeah, love the hair. The end of my pony tail usually turns white. lol

  4. You really get into your work! Haha, you look beautiful in this picture anyway so never fear!
    I wish I could get projects done besides writing papers for nursing classes. :-)

  5. So if I use a oil based primer I don't need to sand it?
    Carla from Brazil


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