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March 3, 2011

Chair Fabric and Inspiration

I went to the fabric store today and tried to pick out some fabric for my chairs in the dining room. This is a bad idea for someone who has decorating ADD. I love so many different styles of decorating that it's tricky not to get caught up in changing out the whole house after picking something that doesn't jive with the what I already have. Does that happen to you?
Anyways, here are the two I picked out today, I was feeling geometric patters today. I am not sure I'll go with either but I'd love to hear your thoughts on them! And what the stink do you do for curtains with the black and white fabric?

Here is one lovely dining room with black and white chairs and botanical/fruit pictures which I love and was thinking I would like in my dining room too. Or I would love an old map framed in a few different frames.  Here are a few pictures I love from Houzz.  If you haven't check out Houzz  yet, go now!  It's great, you sign up for free and get to store all the photos of rooms you love on their in your ideabook.  There are a gazillion and one photos in so many different styles.

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room

French Larkspur eclectic home office

beach bungalow 8 houzz tour eclectic dining room

French Larkspur eclectic dining room

So what's your vote?  Black, Blue or back to the drawing board?



  1. I like the blue/gray....relaxing but with a modern feel. I should have you come out and help me redecorate one day. We might be moving in to my MIL's home soon (she'll be moving to NM)...Anyway, the walls are all aspen. I like wood but it seems overwhelming to me. Then there is the brown carpet...both btw I am not allowed to touch. :( I have no idea how I am going to balance it with my style.

  2. I love the black but remember...I paint everything black. :) I have solid, black curtains hanging and we LOVE them. It makes the color on the walls pop.

  3. I love the black. Right now I really LOVE black. :)

  4. They are both good, it depends what else is in the room. Do you want to create a bold look, or a soft more relaxing one?

  5. I'm digging the black, but I agree with animial print gal it would depend what else is in the room.

  6. Oh dear... I am the same way with redecorating and loving too many styles. I do like both but my vote is the black and white. Very sharp! Can't wait to see what you decide on and the end result!


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