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February 27, 2011

An Adventure to get Ektorp

Oh the adventure we went on yesterday, all for the love of Ektorp! Friday night was crazy enough, hubby had a gathering planned for the worship team at our church, just a fun night to hang out, eat and play music. He was the planner of this event so we had to get the food, get out to the barn and also pick up the U-Haul trailer before the place closed. We needed a U-haul trailer because we were planning on heading to IKEA to pick up Ektorp and company. The nearest IKEA is 2.5 to 3 hours away depending on traffic, speeds at which we drive and how many potty or food stops we need to make with 4 children. Plus we never can leave on time, ever. Seriously.
Friday night at the lovely party we receive a phone call from the sitter, daughter E is puking. NO!!! The trip to IKEA was called off. Too make a long story short, she threw up twice on Friday night and was fine by Saturday morning. We decided at 8:30 to head to IKEA after all. Frantic we run around, loading a puke bucket, paper towel and various other items.
To make this longish story even shorter, suffice it to say, we left town at 10:20 after the trailer lights not working, low tires on our vehicle, buying a plug for the trailer lights, etc. Cue the snowfall....and we arrive at IKEA at 2pm.
We made it in and out of IKEA in an hour after trying out a few sofas, chairs, deciding on a sofa and two chairs and purchasing black toilet brushes for the neighbor. All with 7 kids, 4 adults and 350 other people at IKEA that were in our way.
The trip back was even more treacherous with icy roads, people off in ditches, fog and driving in traffic with a U-Haul trailer bouncing along behind us! The kids all slept on the way home and we pulled into our driveway safe and sound at 11pm. We then unloaded the trailer and put our furniture together because we couldn't wait until the morning! It took us maybe half an hour to assemble a sofa and two chairs, slipcovers and all.  I also would like to warn you now that I did not iron or steam the slipcovers, they went from the package to the furniture.  I'm not really an ironing kind of girl, I'm hoping that over time and with some body natural heat they will iron themselves out.

So this is how the room looks for now. I'm still debating a few things but I'm really liking it! I also took a picture of the buffet we purchased off Craigslist last week.  I want to paint it white possibly, not sure if it will stay in the living room but that's where it is for now. 

  I'm loving the brighter feel of the room!  We'll see if the curtains stay or get moved to the dining room and the coffee table might need to go too.  What do you think?  Are we crazy to have white slipcovered furniture with 4 kids and a dog?



  1. I love it! Painting the buffet white would be great! I have 4 kids and 2 dogs and I plan to get the Ektorp sectional in white. :) Those covers are machine washable! Whoever came up with that was pure genius! You must live in my neck of the woods, it's 3 hours to an IKEA for us and we got that icky weather Saturday too. Midwest living...lol I am having my first link party today and would love if you would link up! Anything goes-crafts, decor, redo...whatever. Have a great week! Chris

  2. Your room looks AMAZING Ange! You have quite a talent! I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing! PS--I love, love, love the rug in that room--where did you find it?

  3. I just love Ikea and I love your new pieces! My whole daughters bedroom is from Ikea I was so excited when we got one near us. I think I would paint the buffet white.

  4. I wrote a long comment earlier and it got erased:(. Just wanted to say thanks for the visit today and to congratulate you on all your new pieces. So exciting to get new stuff! It all looks lovely in it;s new home.

  5. I love your room! It turned out beautifully! What is funny is I just painted my bedroom the same shade of blue, and I've been thinking about looking for some furniture at IKEA when I am in the Philly area this weekend (I've never been as the closest one is 4 hours away--I've only looked online.) You've just inspired me to get back to working on finishing my house remodel. :-)

    I hope your little one is feeling better!

  6. I love it, that is the look I would go for! Yes, paint the buffet! I also wondered about the white,with kids, you are brave, but it can be laundered! I want to make a white slipcover for my red sofa, but my little doxie gets hair everywhere! The kids are gone!

  7. Great job! We bought a beautiful off-white slip for our Ektorp because my husband was concerned about the white. The slip we bought was over two hundred dollars, that made the sofa not such a great deal after all, but what's worse... We got our slip home and discovered it is dry clean only! I live in the middle of no where, plus dry cleaning is EXPENSIVE! Our slip already looks pretty bad, but if I had a white one I could just peel it off and pop it in the washer. I'm headed to Ikea next week to get a white slip and for only $50, I'll wash it until I wear it out, and then get another one. White is the way to go!

  8. Your room looks great! Glad you finally made it out to Ikea; and i thought I had it bad with a 1 hr drive. Love the furniture choices and the color of your walls!


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