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February 1, 2011

My new lamp and pillows

This past weekend we stayed overnight with some friends that live in Minneapolis. They of course live near all sorts of wonderful stores that I don't have near me. I had never been to Marshall's before, which is very similar to TJ Maxx. I found these super cute paisley print pillows for only $15, which was a steal for two pillows!  I am hoping to add more pillows so I don't have to divide them up between the couch and the love seat.  For now, I added just the plain blue pillow to balance it out.

I also found this lamp for $40 at Marshalls.  I had a hard time picking a lamp and it's not like I could easily bring it home, try it out and return it. 

I needed something to put on the table with my lamp.  I went on to The Graphics Fairy Blog and found these cute pictures to print out and put in frames. 

I also happened upon this picture at Hancock Fabrics the other day. Can you believe it was only $5! Yes, five dollars. It isn't the most awesome picture ever but I liked it because it had hydrangeas on it and I needed something new for the living room anyways.

And here it is after a coat of paint on the frame:

Here is a picture of part of the living room with all my new accessories, what do you think?  Should I add more to the wall and if so, what should I add?

I still am not sure of the pillows with my curtains, it's not bad but maybe drop cloth curtains like the ones featured here would be better?  I can use the curtains in the living room in the dining room instead so they won't go to waste!  ;)

I also redid the mantel and came up with this, (pretend you can't see the fan blade in the mirror):


  1. I love it!The pillows are a great choice! I love that lamp its the color Ive been trying my best to add to the house needless to say its slow goin! By the way I left you a bloggy award even if you dont post(some call it blog clutter)lol I wanted you to know your photos and cute stories keep me coming back! hope you enjoy.

  2. I love the lamp too, beautiful shade of blue.


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