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February 10, 2011

The cost of being disorganized

Today I went to the library with all four children. We returned all our books and found new books to check out. I get up to the counter and give the man my library card. I tell him, I know I have a fine, we just returned an overdue book. He then tells me that my total is $55.00! WHAT! When we take out books from the library we generally average about 45 items. Yes, 45 books. That's for three children. My kids are readers, they eat books, literally. We will probably be through the books we got today in about 3 days. So you can see how easily it can add up when you are averaging 45 books a visit. This is what my pile looks like when I put it all up on the desk for them to check us out:

While we were redoing the cloffice, our bulletin board was down, papers were everywhere, the place was a mess. I expected that because to get organized you first have to make a giant mess. Like this:

Today I signed up for e-mail alerts when items are close to being overdue.  That's a lifesaver, why wasn't I signed  up for that earlier?  I also wrote on the calendar the date the books are due back.  Now I just need to remember to check my calendar!  So there is a price for being disorganized, I just paid mine.  What's yours?



  1. Oh, dear friend, so funny *I'm sure you're laughing!* you just posted this because we are currently banned from the library as well until we pay our $25 fee. Yes, $25 for ONE book that we lost (Star Wars, of course). The book itself is $8 but with restocking fees and overdue charges and swindling cost (ha ha!) they have us at CHA-CHING!

    It is hard to stay on top of the book pile, no pun intended.

    Hope those emails help, I should do that too! Thanks for the funny post!

  2. Since when did the library offer the email alerts? I'm all over that! Thanks for letting us in on your price you paid for disorganization.
    My price for disorganization is when I leave my ear buds to my MP3 player out and the kitty chews through the wires. Humm, I cannot count on one hand how many I've replaced because of that darn kitty. I have learned my lesson now and keep my ear buds in my sock drawer when not in use. ;-)


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