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February 16, 2011

$12 Chair revamp

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day on Monday. I know I did, my hubby and I spent a wonderful evening together after the kids went to bed. He even busted out his guitar and serenaded me with a song he wrote me a few years ago. Sigh, it was wonderful!

The next day, I woke up with stabbing knife like pain in my stomach and a little while later, I was in the bathroom. Yuck! I'm feeling better today, not 100% but definitely not spending time in the bathroom like yesterday! I laid in bed all day yesterday and did NOTHING. AUGH! So thankful my hubs can work from home and help me out on days like yesterday!

After laying in bed yesterday, I'm making up for it today. I have already sewn one pillow cover and then reupholstered the ugly chair in the living room. I'm not quite done with the back yet, I need some help with it. But from the front you can't even tell so I thought I'd post a few pictures.

My friend Jen gave this chair to me, she bought it at a garage sale and wanted to give her a makeover but never got around to it.  So I inherited the chair and have had it sitting around for about 3 years looking like the picture below.  Yikes!  Here she is, looking really sad, the schnauzer thinks it is fun to scratch at the foam pad, I don't think it's so fun.

Here she is now, looking all sassy in her $12 fabric.   Not my favorite  pick but for $12 it was a good choice seeing as I've never redone a chair like this  before and I didn't want to ruin expensive fabric.

Just pretend that little wrinkle isn't there, k?   Didn't see that until now. I'll fix it later.

I also used some of the fabric from the chair to sew a pillow cover.  Not sure if I'm liking it with the paisley, what do you think?  Mixing too many different styles?  Or is it working in a funky kind of way? 

Somedays I wish you could all jump through the screen and have a conference with me in my living room, things don't look the same on the computer as they do in person.  I wouldn't be surprised if that is possible in 20 years, I remember writing in 1st grade that my invention would be a telephone in your car.  Anyways, moving on.....

Here is the before and after:

I'm hoping to post the playroom redo later this week!  Stay tuned!

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  1. that looks really good. I love how simple reupholstering chairs is. makes a huge improvement too.

  2. This is really nice, Ange. You are on my personal upholster-y-er (is that the word?!) list now: great pics too!


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