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February 1, 2011

Meal Plan Feb. 1st - Feb. 24th

I'm going to be ambitious and make a meal plan for almost the entire month of February! I am thinking if I am planning for two weeks already what's another week or two? So, there might be a repeat or two but I'm hoping to make both meals at the same time and freeze one.

Feb. 1st - Hawaiian Ribs in the crock pot over rice

2nd - Pasties they were on my meal plan last week but we didn't get to them so here they are for this week.

3rd - Sausage Potato Soup

4th - Homemade Pizzas!

5th - Potato Soup I have a lot of potatoes that I need to use up!

6th- Leftovers and lazy Sunday day, usually ends up being eat whatever you can find!

7th - Tator Tot Casserole a favorite at our house.

8th - Spaghetti & meatballs

9th - Hamburgers and Hot Dogs on the grill - hoping we can get our grill dug out and use it, I've been craving some good grilled burgers!

10th - Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff with egg noodles

11th - Eating out

12th - Stromboli This recipe is requested about once a week at our house.

13th - Leftovers and lazy Sunday

14th - Valentines Day! Italian Bow Tie Pasta and Super Easy Eclair cake

15th - Easy Beef Enchiladas

16th - Chicken Rice Soup and bread

17th - White Chicken Chili

18th - Leftovers night

19th - Eating out

20th - Grandma Lorraine's Goulash

21st - Taco night

22nd - Brinner with waffles,  pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs & sausage

23rd -  Stuffed Shells, garlic bread and salad

24th -  BBQ Meatloaf , mashed potatoes and corn casserole

25th -  Leftovers again!

I'm linking up at Mommy''s Kitchen! 

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