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February 21, 2011

Organizing the Hall Closets

I've been on an organizing kick since the beginning of January and I'm still on a role! After working on the Pantry , Playroom Closets, Cloffice and Mudroom, it was time to tackle the hall closets!
This is a confusing hallway because it has pretty much all the closets on the main floor in one area.  The front hall closet isn't in this picture but it's right by the laundry chute, you just can't see it.  Here is a picture of the closet hallway before we ripped out the carpeting but you get the idea, I hope!

We have one closet that is located right by the Cloffice and it looked like this earlier today, it is pretty much the vacuum, pet stuff, receipt, swimming, dining room table parts, paper products and guitar holding area. (I think my dear husband left his guitar in the truck from Sunday so it's MIA in this photo but just picture a big black plastic type guitar case shoved in here.)

Careful kid, you might not come back out of there alive!!!  Yowza, that's a lot of stuff all jumbled up in there!

So I hauled everything out of the closet, including two garbage bags full of receipts that we were supposed to burn this past summer.  Oops.  Well I guess we'll just have even more to burn this summer!

I then asked Mr.A if he would put the shelves we ripped out of the closet we turned into the cloffice in this closet for my cleaning supplies. Of course he couldn't say no to little ol' me.

Across the hall from this closet there is a little shallow closet that looked like this inside:

It doesn't shut all the way and it's very shallow so I decided to move all the cleaning stuff out of this one and onto the new shelving, along with the paper products, batteries, light bulbs and pet supplies.   That darn Bounty papertowel would not cooperate for the pictures.  I will have to beat it into submission later.

I then needed to find the vacuums a new home so I moved on to the front hall closet.  Sorry this picture is a bit blurry, I was so into organizing I'm surprised I remembered to take the picture!

How many  bags and backpacks do we really need?   I weeded some out and moved the shoes out of the bottom of the closet.  We hardly ever use this closet, it mostly stores our extra coats and shoes that we never really wear.  I hid the vacuums in the back of the closest and Mr.A's guitar will go in here as well.  It looks so much better!

Next up is our Master Bedroom closets, we have three in our room and they need some help! 



  1. Very nice Ange, I totally love that you have all those neat cool closet spaces! You did a good job of making it look very organized. You wanna come help me with my closets? haha.

  2. Everything looks so beautfiul and organized!

  3. Oh Rachel, I will gladly come over and help you! Seriously. Call me. :)

  4. Wow...You've been busy! It all looks fantastic; doesn't it feel so good when your closets are organized! I found your blog from Beneath My Heart, and I'm now a follower.

  5. This all looks really good, thanks for posting and giving us good ideas!


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