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November 18, 2010

At last, my curtains!!!!

Since moving into this house 3 years ago, I've had a hard time with window treatments. The living room has 3 windows, the dining room has two windows and the kitchen has a patio door. When we first moved in, I had heavy dark brown curtains with window valances for the living room, two striped brown valances for the dining room and nothing for the patio door.
I fell in love with a checked curtain from Better Homes and Gardens that was at Wal-mart. I didn't want to spend $120 for my living room curtains because technically I didn't "need" them, I had the heavy, dark brown ones that worked just fine. I purchased one panel and brought it home and loved it! Now I needed 5 more panels. I have waited ever so patiently for these curtains to go on clearance and they finally did! Except that they were all gone at my store by the time I discovered they were on clearance. AUGH! I have been checking every store in a 50 mile radius online for a few weeks and found nothing.

Mr.A and I snuck away for a little time alone last weekend and I scored so big on my curtains! At one Wal-mart I bought the very last curtain and it was only $5! We ended up driving 40 minutes one way in the opposite direction of our hotel and home to buy 6 curtains that one Wal-mart had! When I called and asked how many they had available and she said 6 and they were $9 a piece I jumped for joy!!
So without further ado, here is a before shot:

Here are a few after shots, unironed curtains and all!

I even had enough curtain panels to put some up over the patio door...


  1. How beautiful!! What a blessing God gave you to find those exact curtains on clearance at the stores you went to, and the right length and all. We just spent "x" amount on our window treatments and let’s just say it was wayyyyyy tooooo pricy. In hindsight I should've looked for better deals. But I wish for the price you pay either more curtains panels should come in a package or each panel shouldn't be soo much! Good job Ange. Well done.

  2. Check out my curtains Ange:


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