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December 10, 2010

An unexpected weekend at home

We were supposed to be heading to visit some good friends this weekend in Minneapolis but a bad case of the hives  in our third child (which the doctors are saying is a virus) and a winter snow storm for Saturday are causing us to cancel our plans. I am really bummed out we aren't going to be hanging with our friends but I am getting excited to be snowed in on Saturday! I rented three movies from Redbox, stocked up on baking supplies and am envisioning a really fun weekend at home, complete with popcorn made on the stovetop, cookies, cookies and more cookies and snuggle time on the couch!  Of course poor Mr.A will probably be envisioning lots some shoveling or snow blowing as well.
So in honor of the unexpected weekend, I'm posting some of our favorite cookie recipes. They will be without pictures to start but I will am hoping to remember to take some pictures of our finished cookies this weekend.   So stay tuned for the recipes!!!

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  1. Yes, yes please post pictures of the cookies. And snow pictures of any fun you have outdoors. I love the winter blankets of snow we get!


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