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September 21, 2010

It's Me, It's Me!!!!!

Mr.A & I did a little side project a few weekends ago called, Cleaning out the garage! Whew, what a mess it was from kids bringing stuff in and out all summer and Mr.A working on the siding project, let's just say, our garage looked like something you would find on Hoarders! While cleaning out the garage I saw a set of our license plates and almost threw them out but then I was wondering if someone found them if they could try and use them on their vehicle. So I just left them sitting on the shelf.
Last week Melissa a blogger at 320* Sycamore was looking for license plates for a wall in her home. She had a list of all the states she needed plates from and when I saw Wisconsin, I knew just what to do with the plates I had spotted in the garage last week! After a quick e-mail exchange, I sent the plates off in the mail to their new home and in exchange for the plates, I got a shout out on her blog! :) You can check that out here. While you are there, browse around, I loved her entryway redo. Thank you Melissa!

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