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January 10, 2011

Dining Room Update & the project grows bigger

So I didn't really have a clear vision for my dining room but I knew that I wanted to recover my chairs and change it up a bit. I have debated painting the dining room set, painting the corner hutches a color besides white, picking some bright funky colors or just keeping it all the same and installing the hutches.
So here is what has become my inspiration, I've been in love with this blog post post and also this post.  So, the dining room makeover is flowing into the entryway and down the back hallway so stay tuned!
Here is the front entryway hall to the left of this is the living room:

I really need to paint the ceiling.....adding to the looonnnnnngggg project list right now.

There is actual trim around the front door now, it looks so much better!  I was thinking of doing the board and batten on the left side of this hallway.

I would do some board and batten on the right side of the stairs so it would wrap around from the dining room which is to the right of the stairs.  I wish I could rip off the ugly/dirty disgusting carpet off of the stairs but with 4 children and one of them less than two  years old, I don't think it's a good idea.  But as soon as I can, I will have that off in record time!

If you continue down the front hall with the picture frames it goes back to this hallway which was ugly tan paneling when we first moved in.  I have painted it but it would look so much cuter if it was board and batten!  The closet doors at the end of the hall would be where the new "office closet" would be.  To the right is the kitchen and to the left is the playroom.  Confused yet?
Moving on, here is a sneak peak at what I've done so far in the dining room, during naptime I painted the brown that was on the bottom half of the wall. 

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During (the balloons are up from our Birthday party week and the table is really long because we needed room to play Pit):

I bought this fabric back in November and returned it because I just wasn't sure if it was what I was looking for.  On Sunday I bought the same fabric, again.  I really like it, I wish it was maybe a bit brighter but I think it flows with the kitchen, front entry and living room colors.  Not sure if I'll repaint the blue/green color or not yet, it matches but I might try and pull some of the gray/green out instead. 

What do you think?  Is the fabric too dull for the chairs or will it look good?

Would love any feedback you have or better yet if you have a picture of some board and batten or other trim work you've done in your house, I would love to see it!



  1. Well I won't add mine since you have already linked to it ;-). I actually like the paneling that you painted white. I'd put up some chunky moulding on the top and it would look great. Unless you are going to do b & b down both hallways and stairs and you want it all to flow together.

  2. I love the fabric for sure, good choice to get it again. What kind of funky color would you add to the cabinets, maybe a yellow or a burgandy complimenting the fabric of course??

  3. Thanks for the comments! I love hearing from people. I am not sure what color yet for the back of the cabinets, maybe the yellow from the kitchen to tie it together? We'll see. :)

  4. just found you blog! beautiful stuff.

    i'm not the biggest fan of the fabric... but thats just me. it's a bit 'washed out' i guess... and may get too 'busy'.

    but if you love it! go for it. that's what it's all about.


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