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January 9, 2011

Our Kitchen Remodel Part 2

This summer while working on the exterior, our neighbor suggested we take out the octagonal window and put in a window that would allow us to see out into our driveway without having to run and look out our dining room window.  After going back and forth on the idea most of the summer, Mr. A and I decided at the last minute to replace the window. We waited two weeks for it to come in, which put our project on hold because there wasn't much else to do but finish up the north side of the house where the window needed to be put in.  The neighbor that suggested this little window remodel also said he would help put the new window in.  What a guy!   Here are a few before pictures, that I actually remembered to take, I'm so proud of myself!!!!



Discussing how to best put the window in or maybe planning a new Drive-up meal service? 


I didn't take any pictures of what it looked like when the window was in but the plaster wasn't fixed.  Just imagine an octagon shape off the right top corner of the window with some insulation shoved in there and that was the way it stayed for a few months.   Yup, I'm fast to start a project and very slow to ever finish it, completely.

Here it is again, before:


I  like the functionality of the window but I miss the charm of the old one.  Debating a valance for Ithe window, not sure yet.  I am ready to move on to the dining room corner hutches.  I bought my fabric for the dining room chairs today at Hancock Fabrics, 3 yards for $12!  Woo hoo!  I love a good deal!  Stay tuned for the next project.......

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  1. I think this window is very charming! Looks perfect in the space provided. Cute telephone too.


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