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January 27, 2011

I'm a winner, you can be one too!

I linked up at beneath my heart the other day with my kitchen organizing tips and I won something just from linking up! Check it out here.
This is just what I needed this week! I love blogging and organizing but sometimes you wonder if maybe it's time to just shut down the blog because there are 45000 other blogs out there that have more followers, cooler stuff, awesome photos, etc. Then I realized the other day when 4 people all mentioned my blog post on organizing as something that inspired them to get more organized, I realized it's worth it. I don't blog to show off what I've done but to inspire others that they can do this stuff too! Spray painting furniture, re-purposing items in your home, cooking, meal planning, finding good deals, decorating, all those things can be done by anyone! I hope if nothing else, you find the confidence and inspiration here, to know that you can do these things, it doesn't take a special talent!
And thank you, for finding my blog worthy of your reading time and for giving me the confidence I needed to keep on blogging! I love hearing from you, so leave me a comment, send me an e-mail with your projects, photos, ideas or whatever, I'd love it!!!

Also, when I reach 20 followers, I will have a $20 Target gift card giveaway so stay tuned for that post!!!


  1. You now have 20 followers my friend ;).

  2. How very cool is that Ange! Good job on reaching past the 20 followers mark. You are a great inspiration just by being you and allowing us to view all of your pictures from within your beautiful home, keep up the good job.


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